None of us wants to get sick. When we get sick, we have a lot of trouble, we have to bear the cost of it too. Let alone earning money, we cannot help our family. On the contrary, they have to take care of us. Besides this, many times it takes lots of money to get treatment and to buy medicines.

It is said that it is better to get treatment than to take precaution, so that we are not sick. Though we cannot escape from many diseases. But, we can take some steps that can reduce the risk of disease. Let’s take a look at five things that keep in mind you can get good health. Here are 5 tips to remain healthy.

How to remain healthy

 1.  Take care of cleanliness

how to remain healthy

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare believes that the best way to prevent illness and prevent it from spreading is to wash your hands. There are germs on dirty hands and when we wipe the nose or eyes with dirty hands, diseases such as colds and flu can spread easily. The best way to avoid such ailments is to wash your hands periodically. If we take good care of cleanliness, then we can avoid serious diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhea, which kill about 2 million children under 5 years of age every year.

Keeping in mind the health of yourself and others, it is very important to wash hands at occasions such as:

  • After going to the toilet
  • After diaper change or after taking the child to the toilet.
  • Before and after applying ointment to the injury.
  • Before and after meeting a sick person.
  • Before cooking, serving and eating.
  • After sneezing, coughing and cleaning the nose.
  • After touching animals and their stools.
  • After throwing garbage.

How to remain healthy

Do you think that you wash your hands well? Just look at this. Statistics show that after using official toilets many people do not clean their hands and if they do, then do not wash them well. So the question arises, how should you wash your hands?

  • Wash hands with water and then apply soap.
  • Bring your hands together until they become froth, and do not forget to clean between your fingernails, thighs, back and fingers.
  • Do it for about 20 seconds.
  • Then wash hands with clean running water.
  • Clean hands with clean towels or tissue paper.

Perhaps these things may seem trivial, but considering them will lessen the disease and many can survive.

How to remain healthy

 2.  Use clean water

how to remain healthy

Many countries do not get clean water easily, so people have to arrange clean water for their family every day. But in countries where this problem is not there, it can also be difficult to get clear water due to flood, typhoon, water pipe break or any other reason. If the water is not coming from clean place or kept in good condition, then it can cause worms in our stomach and may cause cholera, life-threatening diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis and other diseases. Due to lack of drinking water, about 170 million people become victims of diarrhea every year.

Cholera is usually spread by water or food, which is contaminated by the stools of the person suffering from cholera. You can take some of the steps to avoid diseases that spread through water or after floods or earthquakes.

  • Keep in mind that the drinking water and the water with which you clean your teeth, make ice, clean the fruits and vegetables, and make the food, should be clean, even if it is cleaned by the municipality or is a bottle-packed water of a good company.
  • If you think that the water coming from the municipality has become contaminated, then boil it before using.
  • When you use chlorine or any other medication to clean water, put it in the correct amount.
  • If possible, buy a good quality of water filter.
  • Cover the water in clean dishes.
  • Always use a clean kitchenware to take water from a pot or a vessel.
  • Wash hands before taking water in the kitchen or taking water from it, and do not put hands or fingers in drinking water.

How to remain healthy

3.  Pay attention to your diet

how to remain healthy

It is important for good health that you eat nutritious food. Keep in mind that salt, oil and sweet are in the right quantity of your food and you do not eat too much. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. When buying items like breads, cereals, noodles and rice, pay attention to the information given on their packets. Peeled grains are better than items made from flour for health. As far as eating protein is concerned, if you eat meat and fish, eat only a little bit of fat and if possible, eat fish twice or thrice a week. In many countries vegetarians also get a lot of ingredients that contain proteins.

Eating more sweet and oily food increases the risk of getting fat. So instead of drinking syrup and cold-drink, drink water. Eat more fruits instead of some sweet food. Do not eat items like meat, butter, cake, cheese and biscuits, which contain too much fat. Instead of using things like butter, Vanaspati Ghee, to cook, use such oil, which is beneficial for the health.

By taking more salt in the food, blood pressure can increase, which is harmful for the health. If your blood pressure is high, then while buying food items, look at the information given on the packet to see how much salt they have.

Whatever you eat affects your health, but how much you eat is also important. Eat as much as you have hunger.

If the food is not prepared properly or kept properly, then one may fall ill. You can take the following steps to avoid such diseases.

  • Where vegetables have been grown, they may be fertilized there, so wash them well before cooking.
  • Wash your hands before cooking, on which you cut vegetables, wash the kitchen and kitchenware with hot water and soap well.
  • Cook the food well. If you do not eat things that are perishable at that time, then keep them in the fridge immediately.
  • If the things to be worn out quickly are kept out of two hours, then throw them away. If the temperature is more than 32 degrees and the food is kept out of an hour, throw it away.

How to remain healthy

 4.  Workout

how to remain healthy

Regardless of your age, you should work out every day to stay fit. Nowadays, many people do not exercise as much as they should. Why is it important to exercise? By exercising you will have these advantages:

  • You will get good sleep
  • You will not have any problem in walking and running.
  • Your flesh and muscles and bones will remain strong.
  • You will not be victim of obesity.

By not exercising you may have these diseases:

  • Heart disease can occur.
  • Sugar disease (type 2 diabetes) can occur.
  • Blood pressure can increase.
  • Cholesterol can increase.

Depending on your age and well-being, it depends on what kind of exercise you should do. Therefore, before starting workout, you should consult your doctor about whether such exercises will be right for you or not. Many experts say that children and young people should exercise for at least 60 minutes daily, and adults should do less intensive for at least 150 minutes each week or high intensity exercise for 75 minutes.

To do the exercises you can do something that you enjoy, such as playing basketball, tennis or football, cycling, gardening, cutting wood, swimming, boat running or any other such exercise.

How to remain healthy

 5.  Take a lot of sleep

how to remain healthy

Everyone sleeps according to their need. Newly born babies often sleep for 16 to 18 hours every day, children between 1 to 3 years sleep for 14 hours and children 3 to 4 sleep for 11 to 12 hours. Children going to school should sleep for at least 10 hours, teenagers should sleep for 9 to 10 hours and the elders should sleep for 7 to 8 hours.

Do not take the matter of resting lightly. Experts say it is important to take good sleep because of this:

  • Children and young people have mental and physical development.
  • We learn new things and remember them.
  • The right balance of the hormones remains in the body, which has an effect on digestion and weight.
  • The risk of heart disease can be reduced.
  • We can survive many diseases.

It has been found that due to lack of sleep, obesity, depression, diabetes, heart disease etc. have occurred. This makes it clear why it is so important to take good sleep.

If you cannot not sleep or complete your sleep, then what can you do? Try some of the following methods.

  • Try to get up and sleep every time in a fixed time.
  • Try that wherever you sleep, there is peace and darkness, and the room is not too cold or too hot.
  • When you go to sleep, do not watch TV or use mobile etc.
  • Make the bed comfortable.
  • Do not eat too much, drink tea or coffee or wine before sleeping.

If you do not get sleep after applying these suggestions or you feel sleepy during the day time or have trouble breathing while sleeping, then show the doctor.

How to remain healthy


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