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Has anyone of you ever pondered upon or indulged into a debate on the existence of ghost? Many of you surely did. In this article we will explore all the ongoing researches and debates on ghost among the scientific community and find about ghosts myth and reality..

A ghost is believed to be the soul of a dead person or animal and is capable of returning to the living world in some form or other. They find their mention in various folklores prevalent in different societies and cultures. Their appearance may vary from being human like or animal like which may be translucent or nebulous or they can be completely invisible. It is believed that when someone meets an untimely death or has underwent a feeling a strong emotion – sorrow, desire or fear at the time of death. Many a times the places associated with these deaths are declared as haunted ones. This can be any place – a fort, a house or even an entire village or city. As per anthropologists the idea of ghosts might have evolved from the practice of animism and ancestor worship which believe in afterlife.

Ghosts myth and reality

Usually the ghosts are regarded as unnatural and undesirable state of affairs and are feared to. Therefore in most of the cultures there is practice of funeral rites to prevent the deceased person from becoming a ghost. However, there are some cults which deliberately try to make contact with dead ones. This practice is known as necromancy.

In so far as science is concerned, it universally rejects the idea of ghosts. No material evidence could be found which corroborate the idea. Though, some ghost hunters have put forward some evidences like temperature change, variation of magnetic fields etc., observed in haunted areas, science does not validate them. Below are some explanation that science gives about sighting of ghost:

Ghosts and darkness

Some researchers have shown that ghost sighting is a side effect of stress response. When you are in such places which are believed to haunted or in such situations which you are afraid of to be in, the fear that follows make you to believe that there is something eerie. When you are under fear or stress you become hyper aware of your surroundings. This hyper awareness enables you to sense movement in air, hear subtle sounds or detect movements- that you may perceive as a spirit.

Ghosts myth and reality

A Protective Shield?

Grievance over the loss of a loved one and the incapability of the brain to get over the loss – has also been cited as one of the reasons of sighting a spirit. In many cultures it is believed that the loved ones look after you and protects you even after their death. This belief leads your brain to create dreams and images of the deads.

Neurological Issue

There are some brain disorders or neurodegenerative diseases which may give you hallucinations. Seeing a ghost may be an effect of these hallucinations. Besides this sleep deprivation or consumption of some drugs or alcohol or some psychoactive plants may also cause ghost sighting.

Now, below are some methods which are used by ghost hunters or paranormal investigators:

Audio Evidence of Ghosts and Hauntings

Investigators seek audio evidence to show ghosts may, indeed, be real. Such evidence may be recorded on instruments, or witnesses may hear it. Many believe these audio phenomena may indicate ghosts are real and trying to communicate.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

It occurs when voices or sounds not heard in the moment appear on a recording device. These sounds while appearing on the recording device does match the physical events occurring during the period.

Ghosts myth and reality

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC)

In ITC, investigators use other instruments to give spirits an acoustic medium to gather sound and turn it into words they can use to communicate. To capture it as evidence, investigators use a recorder to track sounds on a recording medium. Some of the instruments used for ITC include:

  • Ghost box: To communicate with ghosts.
  • Ovilus: It contains some pre-programmed words. It is believed that ghosts can manipulate these words to communicate with the living world.

Photographic and Video Ghost Evidence

Photographs and videos may also offer ghostly evidence. There are tons of photos and videos available on the internet uploaded by the people and investigators who claim to have captured the ghosts into the camera. Though some of them are fake and are created using photoshopping softwares, there are still some photos and footages which are hard to explain with current scientific knowledge available.

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF)

Many investigators also measure EMF and consider changes in electromagnetic frequency as evidence. As with other potential evidence, the presence of high EMF remains a controversial finding.

Personal Experiences and Ghost stories

Personal experiences may also offer evidence. However, in so far as their validity is concerned they hardly hold any ground. There are several accounts of people, claiming of sighting a ghost. Sometimes, there are individuals who underwent similar experience in a particular area, thus strengthening their claim to have seen a paranormal event.

Ghosts myth and reality

Thus, we may see that there are believers in both the opinions – one who believes in ghosts and one who doesn’t. Both the opinion holders have firm faith in their belief. Irony is that to understand the supernatural we rely on science which is based on rationality and empirical evidence and hence refute supernatural. Anything that can be explained through science can no more is termed as supernatural. Thus for a more clear picture on ghosts we have to wait for the day when we devise such technology which will be capable to explain the phenomenon of ghosts.

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